Kuvia Kayak Sailor rig and Bic Sports HP3 tandom portable Kayak in Lapu-lapu City (Opon), Central Visayas for sale


BicSports Noman HP3 Tandem inflatable Kayak (new 75,000php)
Kuvia 1.6m Sailing rig with jib (new 43,000)
2 Aquabound Carbon & Glass Paddles (14,000)
three life jackets, anchor and rudder setup.
over 145k invested, perfect condition. Entire rig packs into two bags small enough for airline travel.
2-3 seat, enough room for two and their equipment. full protection in adverse weather conditions, fit it with its full soft deck.
- An inflatable, high-performance sea kayak a high pressure hull floor for maximum rigidity
- Elevated tip sections for increased glide and paddle comfort, especially in rough water
- Huge amount of storage space for equipment inside the cockpit